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multiple rounds of U.S.-ignited trade tensions. Late last year, China decided to suspend extra tariffs on U.S. vehicles and auto parts after the two heads-of-state reached a consensu

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s during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. But Washington kept escalating trade tensions by reneging on its word, which left China with no choice but to resume tariffs on US cars

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and auto parts.It’s important to note that China didn○’t target imports which are essential to public well-being. Taken together, the

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countermeasures reflect rational restraint on the Chinese side.Shortly after Beijing&rsq

uo;s announcement on Friday, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro claimed that the 75 billion U.S. dollars worth of tariffs “is not something for the

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stock market to worry about.” But the three major U.S. stock indexes dived right after the bour

ses opened for trading.China has repeatedly voiced its willingness to adopt a cooperative approach to resolving the Sino-U.S. trade disputes. By announcing new countermeasures, Beijing once again sent out a clear signal that it will never give ground


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echatChina to impose additional tariffs on U.S. imports worth 75 bln USDChina to i

mpose additional tariffs on U.S. imp

orts worth 75 bln USDChina to impose additional tariffs on U.S. imports

worth 75 bln USD08-24-2019 14:44 BJTBEIJING, Aug. 23 -- China will impose addition

al tariffs on U.S. imports worth abo

ut 75 billion U.S. dollars in response to the newly announced U.S. tarif

f hikes on Chinese goods, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council annou

nced Friday.Based on laws and approved b

y the State Council, a total of 5,078 U.S. products will be subject to add

itional tariffs of 10 percent or 5 percent.The tariff hikes will be implemented in

two batches and take effect at 12:01 p.

m. Beijing time on Sept. 1 and at 12:01 p.m. on Dec. 15, respectively, the

commission said in a statement.The additional tariffs starting from Sept. 1 invol

ve soybeans and crude oil, while tho

se taking effect on Dec. 15 will be imposed on imports including corns,

cotton, aquatic products, and vehicles and auto parts, said G〓ao Lingyun, a resea